The Gilded Sparrows Network provides a pathway to healing and hope through beauty, entrepreneurship and community. We are a non-profit organization helping women in incarceration avoidance and post-incarceration programs achieve economic independence.

Our Sparrows begin as hourly employees while they develop aesthetic and business skills; we gradually support their transition to small business ownership where women can see their own product in local and online markets and experience the financial incentives of directly profiting from their creative work.

Sparrows learn specialized handcrafts and selling platforms as they produce products for the Network. In time they develop the business skills that will allow them to transition to running their own online business, or to ongoing employment within the Network or elsewhere. 

We help women define the kind of beauty they want to create for the world and then gild their resume with skills to be proud of: 
-Branding + marketing   -Product line development  -Online banking + financial management  -IRS business filing -Small business planning + financial statements  -Website development -Online selling platforms -Product photography, inventory + shipping

In partnership with Resonance Center for Women, we launched in April 2017 to connect women in criminal justice system reentry programs with opportunities in the digital and maker economies. We remain a resource to the Sparrows, whether or not they fly the nest, by continuing to provide community and support. Our mission is to empower women with confidence and defined steps toward securing their financial independence.

The Gilded Sparrows are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  


There are three stages to the Gilded Sparrows Program: 

  1. Women are employed hourly while they are trained in a variety of creative arts and handskills, business and marketing, and build their resumes for future employment opportunities.

  2. Women identify a creative skill where they've excelled and develop their own product. With the support of the Network, they will focus on branding, market testing, online platforms, profit and loss and other concepts central to running a successful small business.

  3. Women find success in selling their own product and shift from hourly employment with the Network to self-employment via their own product. When they have achieved +$20/hr from their own business idea, we will encourage the women to leave the Gilded Sparrows nest and become full-time entrepreneurs. 

Current Sparrows


Michelle's business: NAILED IT! glam, easy-apply faux nails


Danielle's business: SHE TALKStoANIMALS unicorn treasures


Christina's business: REED WRANGLER modern basketry